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A Guide To The Shadows & Hank Marvin On CD

* "... superb ... "
—  Rob Bradford in Shadsfax (May-June 1999)

* "... absolutely essential fodder for all fans of The Shadows ... "
—  Roger Newell in Bassist (July 1999)

* "... an awesome and detailed reference book ... "
—  Tony Stanley in Record Collector (July 1999)

* "... so much reference material that it will keep any Shadows fan occupied for many years.  It don't get no better than this folks ... "
—  Record Mart & Buyer (October 1999)

* "The detail of the listing has to be seen to be believed   Enough to satisfy the most demanding of fans, collectors and 'trainspotters'"
—  Dave Dixon, Website (1999)

* "An essential reference for the casual fan, the enthusiast and the trainspotter alike ... it will rapidly become an indispensable reference"
—  Ian McKay in Shadsfax (March-April 1999)
A Guide To The Shadows & Hank Marvin On CD


Author: Malcolm Campbell
A5 Paperback, 313 pages; ISBN: 0 9535567 0 0
— This work is regretably now out of print —

Here are some of the other comments sent directly to the author .....
* "BRILLIANT (what more can I say?). Having been a Shadows fan since 1958 and following them through thick and thin I must say that your book is the best reference work I have ever seen"  Jim Hunt  UK
* "An excellent piece of work ..."  Ulrich Sasu  Germany
* "Congratulations on a terrific job ... a joy for any Shaddict"  Douglas ("Leatherman") Halliday  USA* "... a polished and learned gem ..."  Jim Nugent  UK
* "I must say you have done a FANTASTIC job here ..."  Jan Arne Flatby  Norway
* "What a splendid and excitingly well researched book!"  Bob Gregory  UK
* "I've just received a F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C book!!!! ... All serious Shads fans MUST get it ..."  Sergio Nascimento  Brazil
* "It is a very nice work ... Have you any interest in making a Cliff Guide?!"  Kees Verhaaren  The Netherlands
* "This will be a marvellous source of info"  John Dyhouse  UK
* "Thank you for a beautiful book ... I am looking forward to your book nr.2"  Hans-Jørgen Olsen  Norway
* "Fantastic effort mate! ... You've delivered ... bingo!"  John Campbell  New Zealand

A comprehensive review of all major Shadows & Hank Marvin CDs issued worldwide between Sept 1984 and Feb 1999, with:
* Reference Discographies for The Shadows/Hank Marvin/Marvin (Welch) & Farrar, giving details of alternative versions and earliest Stereo releases
* CD Catalogues with info for 193 different issues (including promos, special products and club editions) on running-order, timings, inlays/ booklets, picture-discs, remastering
* Track Listings 3694 entries giving locations for all 795 Shadows/ Hank Marvin titles issued on CD, with info on composer(s), first UK release date, first UK & overseas CD release, alternative versions
- Also: * Worldwide CD Survey  * Best Buys  * Alternative Versions A-Z  * Mono Issues  * Unofficial Releases  * EMI Compilation Top Tens and Top Twenties  * Shadstrax: The Shadows as Composers

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