Follow any of these great links to Johnno's favourite
Shadows / Cliff Richard information resources .....
David Martin's ShadowMusic Community  (UNITED KINGDOM)
A brand new location for the #1 for Shadows maniacs -- news & views, pics, chat etc.
Malcolm Campbell's Website  (UNITED KINGDOM)
Information on Malcolm Campbell's magnificent guides to the Shadows' (and Hank's) works + lots more
Brian Bennett's Music Site  (UNITED KINGDOM)
Brian Bennett - one of the greatest drummers you'll ever hear
Undoubtedly the #1 source for Shadows and Cliff Richard recordings et al.
Les Amis de Cliff Richard & The Shadows  (FRANCE)
Cliff & The Shadows' French Fan Club administered by M. Bernard Broche
Rune Moe's Bruce Welch Tribute Site  (NORWAY)
A broad-brush look at Bruce's work.  Lots of links too
Göran Tångring's Shadows Site  (SWEDEN)
An incredible site with loads of infomation, backing tracks and tabs
Jet Harris Fan Site  (UNITED KINGDOM)
A tribute to the Shadow's original bassman
Jan Arne Flatby's Pages  (NORWAY)
A great Shadows fan and an avid collector (and festival organiser!)
Johnny Campbell and The Detours  (NEW ZEALAND)
Johnno's 1960's band "Johnny Campbell and The Detours" (incl. SoundFiles, SoundClips and VideoFiles)
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