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Penumbra is a state of mind ---
no less than a virtual Shadow reality !

Hank and Bruce would-be sound-alikes understand the phenomenon extremely well.   They listen, imitate, strive to acquire just the right gear to emulate, and given time, practice, patience and a heap of effort, may fluke an occasional credible facsimile of the real thing .....

..... and that's Penumbra !
Click here for an explanation of the PENUMBRA analogy ....
n. Partly lighted shadow on the skirts of a total
shadow. ~al a. [L paene almost, umbra shade]

Click above for an explanation of the Penumbra analogy ....
Hiya, I'm John Campbell .... and from that bygone teenage moment when I first heard Apache, my musical direction was clear, and my enthusiasm for The Shadows and their magic sound has not waned at all since.  I began acquiring Shadows recordings back then, and my collection is comprehensive -- but alas incomplete.  Please check my Wants and Trades lists for items with which we can help each other -- I will buy and sell if necessary.  My main trading activities are (naturally enough) with New Zealand vinyl releases, however, my collecting focuses on worldwide Shadows recordings (especially CDs).  If you have anything at all you think may be of interest to me in either recorded material or Shadows memorabilia - or indeed if you have any suggestions as to how I can make this site more informative, I would appreciate it if you would e-Mail me.  If you are looking for Shadows, Hank B. Marvin or Cliff Richard and The Shadows discographies, check Malcolm Campbell's Guides seen below.  If you're looking for hard-to-find "Kiwi" pressings, don't go past my Trades page.  Because our population has traditionally remained small, pressings were inevitably from very small runs, and releases (especially those individual rarities which were unique to good old New Zealand), are thus highly prized by collectors worldwide.  Please use the release number hotlinks in the Discographies to show the many label variants and errants which result from small production runs  –  a fact of life in the tiny NZ market !  Penumbra is intended to be an interesting (and I hope) important resource, which delivers as much pleasure to use, as it did to build !!

(Left)  The Shadows' original (1958 to 1962), and much admired bass player, Terrence "Jet" Harris MBE died of throat cancer on March 18th, 2011, at age 71
(Centre)  Replacing Jet as bassman (1962 to 1963) was Brian "Licorice" Locking, who passed away, in North Wales, on October 08th, 2020 at the age of 81
(Right)  John Rostill had replaced "Licorice" (1963 to 1969).  Bruce Welch found him electrocuted in his home studio on November 26th, 1973 at age 31