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Shadowmania 2001 (Lakeside)
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Jim Mullen, Bruce and  Johnno ... the Kiwi sandwich Jet Harris and Malcolm Campbell Johnno, Bruce and Jim Mullen  ... the Kiwi sandwich strikes again Jim Mullen, Licorice Locking and Johnno
Pat Read, Johnno and John Read (Leo's Den) Johnno, Janet and Jet Harris Johnno and Jet Harris Janet Harris with Johnno
Johnno with THAT Strat Johnno under Mick Johnson's supervision Johnno and Phil Kelly Johnno on the job
Birmingham 2005 - (NIA)
Roberto Pistolesi, Mike Hill, George Geddes, Jim Nugent and John Campbell
Picture taken immediately prior to the last concert of the
Shadows European "Final Tour" 2005 (at The National Indoor Arena, Birmingham).
Left to Right:  (The late) Roberto Pistolesi, Mike Hill, George Geddes, Jim Nugent and John Campbell
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The original Shadows Early Columbia Promo Pic of The Shads The Shads Say "Hi" To New Zealand 1984
Shads Publicity Shads Publicity
Shads Publicity Shads Publicity
The originals with Apache Shads with Brian (Licorice) Locking (Bass) Shads with Brian (Licorice) Locking (Bass)
The Shadows at Abbey Road The Shadows and Cliff in New Zealand
Cliff Playdate Publicity Shadows Publicity
Hank makes the Burns Marvin sound
Shot taken in Finland on May 28th, 1964
Outside venue at Linnanmäki - Borgbacken
an Amusement Park in Helsinki.
Many thanks to Per-Olof Löfberg for this info.
Bruce struts his stuff at Shadowmania 1998
THE Bruce strutting his stuff at Shadowmania 1988,
Venue was Lakeside, Frimley Green
Hank in South Africa 1961 Hank - A "Boyfriend" Star Portrait early 60's

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