The Shadows over New Zealand

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... the end of an epoch ... the ultimate break-up ...
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Page through the 1961 NZ Tour Brochure Cliff Richard and The Shadows
New Zealand Tour

Cliff Richard (20) - Vocals    d.o.b. 14/10/1940
Hank Marvin (19) - Lead Guitar    d.o.b. 28/10/1941
Bruce Welch (19) - Rhythm Guitar    d.o.b. 02/11/1941
Terrence "Jet" Harris (22) - Bass Guitar    d.o.b. 06/07/1939
Brian Bennett (21) - Drums    d.o.b. 09/02/1940

At the time of this first New Zealand Tour, Brian Bennett had only
just replaced The Shadows' original drummer Tony Meehan,
hence Brian does not feature in any of the tour publicity shots.

The touring cast included .....
The Keil Isles, The De Kroo Brothers, Frankie Davidson and Judy Cannon

Promoted by R.J. KERRIDGE
in association with AZTEC SERVICES PTY. LTD.  (Kenn Brodziack)

CHRISTCHURCH - Majestic Theatre  Wednesday, 01st November (2 shows)
CHRISTCHURCH - Majestic Theatre  Thursday, 02nd November (2 shows)

"Take a quartet of dedicated-to-success young men.  A trio of guitars and one drum kit.  Add a lot of hard work, spice with a great degree of natural talent - serve hot.  Then you have THE SHADOWS."

Johnno says ... I well remember my first glimpse of the Shadows. They came out onto the stage and opened with Shazam (a number I had only ever associated with Duane Eddy until that moment when my mind was changed forever). My father took me to the concert under mild sufferance, and I had to endure several days of the cold shoulder from my high school music master who could not understand how a "five minute wonder" guitar group could possibly take precedence over a school musical evening. Time however now favours my judgement - he was wrong and I was right!

Page through the 1983/84 Tour Brochure The Shadows
Silver Anniversary
World Tour

Hank Marvin - Lead Guitar
Bruce Welch - Rhythm Guitar
Alan Jones - Bass Guitar
Cliff Hall - Keyboards
Brian Bennett - Drums

1984 (NZ) TOUR ITINERARY .....
Auckland (Logan Campbell Centre)  Wednesday, Jan 25th
Auckland (Logan Campbell Centre)  Thursday, Jan 26th
Wellington (Michael Fowler Centre)  Friday, Jan 27th
Wellington (Michael Fowler Centre)  Saturday, Jan 28th
Christchurch (Town Hall)  Monday, January 30th
Christchurch (Town Hall)  Tuesday, January 31st

A handwritten note from Cliff, shown in the centrefold of the program reads...
  Dear Hank, Bruce and Brian,
  We made it - we survived 25 years !!
  You were a source of inspiration at the start not only to me but to many others  also and there are loads today who would benefit from taking a listen to (and  looking at) you !!  Still recording - still touring - me too !!
  See you on the motorway - keep well to the left !!
  Love you !

From "The Daily Star" Friday, September 9, 1983 Hank said:
  "We never realised we would still be around making money and selling records  25 years later.  I've really enjoyed the success and good times we've had.  We  will keep on going as long as people want to see and hear us and as long as
we find it fun."
1983/84 Newspaper Clipping      1984 Tour Poster

Page through the 1985 Tour Brochure The Shadows
Australia and New Zealand Tour

Hank Marvin - Lead Guitar
Bruce Welch - Rhythm Guitar
Alan Jones - Bass Guitar
Cliff Hall - Keyboards
Brian Bennett - Drums

Power to Andy Shann for lending Hank a Strat when Hank's gear got delayed
Thanks to Andy Shann and John Boyd for the interim brochure scans

1985 (NZ) TOUR ITINERARY .....
Dunedin (Town Hall)  Monday, January 28th
Christchurch (Town Hall)  Tuesday, January 29th
Wellington (Michael Fowler Centre)  Friday, February 1st
Wellington (Michael Fowler Centre)  Saturday February 2nd
Palmerston North (Sports Stadium)  Monday, February 4th
New Plymouth (Bowl of Brooklands)  Wednesday, February 6th
Hamilton (Founders Theatre)  Thursday, February 7th
Hamilton (Founders Theatre)  Friday, February 8th
Auckland (Logan Campbell Centre)  Saturday, February 9th
Auckland (Logan Campbell Centre)  Sunday, February 10th

The ability to change and stay fresh and enthusiastic while retaining all their strengths built up in the last 25 years, has been a central factor in the continuing success story of The Shadows. For they know that to survive, they must attract young fans as well as please those who have been with them all the way.

Through all the triumphs and the trails, all the sold-out concerts and hit records and big selling albums, as well as the difficulties and disappointments that have inevitably occurred during 25 years, the anchor for The Shadows has not been their ego. It has, instead, been that boyish love of pop music that first drove them together.

The Shadows took off with their own identity, recording a series of beautifully melodic tunes that took them into the British top ten no less than twelve times between 1960 and 1963: the songs include five chart toppers, Apache. Kon-Tiki, Wonderful Land, Dance On! and Foot Tapper and the unmistakable sound of Hank Marvin's guitar has been a major influence in charting a future for British pop throughout the past two decades.

While the 1950's and 1960's were pop's most formative, high energy decades the 1970's and 1980's have proved the periods when the true test of enduring talent, style and professionalism have allowed the real artists to shine on.
Pix from Michael Fowler Centre, Wellington      Pix from Logan Campbell Centre, Auckland
1985 Newspaper Clipping      1985 Newspaper Advertisement

Page through the 1987 Tour Brochure Moonlight Shadows
The Tour

Hank Marvin - Lead Guitar
Bruce Welch - Rhythm Guitar
Mark Griffiths - Bass Guitar
Cliff Hall - Keyboards
Brian Bennett - Drums

Bruce would be the first to agree that when The Shadows began their career as teenagers he could hardly have imagined becoming one of the best-regarded figures in pop.  It takes a certain kind of confidence and resolve to improve again and again, constantly seeking new and better ways, but in common with Hank and Brian he has never been complacent; on the contrary he pours out a seemingly endless stream of energy, an unashamed enthusiasm for music driving him on.

Page through the 1989 Tour Brochure The Shadows
The Tour 1989

Hank Marvin - Lead Guitar
Bruce Welch - Rhythm Guitar
Mark Griffiths - Bass Guitar
Cliff Hall - Keyboards
Brian Bennett - Drums

1989 (NZ) TOUR ITINERARY .....
Hamilton (Founders Theatre)  Tuesday, October 24th
Auckland (Logan Campbell Centre)  Wednesday, October 25th
Palmerston North (Regent Theatre)  Thursday, October 26th
Wellington (Michael Fowler Centre)  Saturday, October 28th
Nelson (Majestic Theatre)  Sunday, October 29th
Christchurch (Christchurch Town Hall)  Tuesday, October 31st
Dunedin (Town Hall)  Wednesday, November 01st

1989 Newspaper Advertisement

Pete Townshend of The Who sums it up for us all ... "The Shadows will always be a living myth to me - a legend - even though I can now prop up the bar with any one of them and talk music, family, religion.  They are frozen in my mind as one of the greatest passions of my life, one I have not, after thirty years, come close to outliving."

The Final Reunion Tour DVD Cliff Richard and The Shadows
The Final ReunionTour

Cliff Richard - Vocals
Hank Marvin - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Bruce Welch - Rhythm Guitar, Vocals
Mark Griffiths - Bass Guitar, Vocals
Warren Bennett - Keyboards, Vocals
Keith Hayman - Keyboards, Vocals
Brian Bennett - Drums

At last the long awaited "Final Reunion Tour"

2010 (NZ) TOUR ITINERARY .....
Auckland (Vector Arena)   Wednesday, February 24th
Auckland (Vector Arena)   Thursday, February 25th
New Plymouth (Bowl of Brooklands)   Saturday, February 27th
Christchurch (Westpac Stadium)   Monday, March 01st
Christchurch (Westpac Stadium)   Tuesday, March 02nd

Cliff Richard and The Shadows dominated the pop scene in the late 50s and early-to-mid 60s.  Now after surviving collectively and individually for over 50 years, they stage a world tour to mark the end of an incredible career in the undeniably fickle music business, and what better way to celebrate than to play to a string of packed houses around the world.  It seems inevitable that this will be the "final" outing for these guys.  We their fans will always cherish the enjoyment received from their performances and extensive recording careers — and we still have the memories.

Johnno says ... An incredible 50 years coming, but this tour was such a revelation.  How could the best be even better?  Cliff had the final word(s) .... "When will we meet again?  ...  When?  When??  When???"

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